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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Meditation and Thunder

Settling on the mat 
Last night as the sky darkened
From an approaching storm
My thoughts wandered
To Buddha’s parable
About the house on fire
When suddenly as if
By sympathetic fallacy
An alarm resounded
In the firehouse nearby and
There was thunder and lightning
Close enough to be frightening
Which gave me pause to wonder
If suddenly Buddha’s metaphor
May have been rendered
Real after all

And then the heavens
Opened and poured forth
In an answering cascade of rain
From roof to eaves and
From leaves to ground
Enough to extinguish
Any fire in the house
Whether real or imagined
A better vehicle to understanding
Than any cart I might fancy
Soaking rain being a gift
And truth sufficient in itself
To settle the dragon
Of the mind

A thunder god

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