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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fullsome Flowering

What an artist knows
She knows in her flesh
With each turn of her wrist
Each inspiration and breath
She iterates space
With a knowing caress

Eyes open or closed
She feels joy in her bones
And sudden most sorrow
Stipples her marrow
So come what tomorrow
The stronger it grows

With the tip of her brush
She enraptures the rose
And captures swift life
As it ebbs and it flows
Through the harmonics
Of laughter and shade

From garden to pallet
By means enigmatic
She deftly reveals
A message hieratic
Inscribed on the petals
And leaves strewn below

Restoring us as
Beings who know truth in
What is and isn’t there
With such likeness that
We come round to seeing
More than enough
To overcome our
Autumnal despair