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Monday, July 25, 2011

Humbert's Peak

In the angular light
Of a late July afternoon
I reached Hubbert’s peak
Sexually speaking enjoying
Pleasure so great with you
It felt beyond compare

Or should I say Humbert’s
Because there you appeared
In your red Target suit
Dark sunglasses and all
Looking both Lolita and her mum
And then we went
From two to one
Like a sea nymph
Urging me forward
Until we grew nethered
In the deep end together

While nearby the blue wheelbarrow
Stood upended in the dirt
Its arms for legs splayed
Saying to me
So much depends
On the here and the now of it
Wherever you happen
To transplant yourself
Make sure this time
It really counts

That it was shared with you
I find unsurprising
Nor am I perturbed but delighted
By the promise of all the lesser peaks
Between us yet to come

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Never Once My Dear Friend, Not Once

Something I have a hard time
Understanding about you
My dear friend
Even after all those years
Not once did you ever pen
A word of complaint

I mean there is nothing more deadening
In the whole fucking world than
Insurance law yet there you were
Ensconced as a corporate VP
In charge of legal affairs
For the Hartford
And never did
You manage a peep

Discounting all the fancy rhetoric
About the emptiness of the snowman and so on
Which you may have intended
As a coded lament about how
Your work life was utterly boring

But for that reason I content myself
At having been the more direct
If less artful poet
Having found similar means
To support myself I nonetheless
Don’t trend so much to abstraction
Or self satisfaction that scribbling
A line or two will ever amount
To a whole hell of a lot more

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Naming Ceremony

We sons of Marv
We partied hard
And learned to live
With immoderate risk
Whether we or the dice
Became more fully loaded
There’s room for continuing debate

But when the time finally came
For me to choose my own name
I chose Blue Flower Poet
With aspirations so clear
It still remains to be seen
Just how well
It may be said
I lived up to it