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Friday, August 30, 2013

Poem Written While on Hold

Please hold
For a supervisor
If someone in your
Household is living
On extended life support
Please let us know immediately
We’re here to help you
At your local utility
Our number one goal
Is to help you continue
Breathing notwithstanding
An extended service interruption
In your area

Please hold for the next
Available operator
Visit Power Your Way
Dot Com for more
Or else stay tuned for
The relaxing music
We have keyed up
To play for you next

Thursday, August 29, 2013

For Gus the One-Eyed Cat

Gus a one-eyed cat
Climbs to the top
Of the garden fence
And perches there
As if on the lookout
Where like stout Cortez
Atop Darien’s peak
He surveys all he sees
With eagle eye

Although in Gus’ case
I imagine his glee must be
Even greater as
He’s quite literally limited
To monocular vision
Two of his eyes being
Devoted entirely to his interiority
It’s only with one of his three
That he’s able to savor
These more distant vistas

Saturday, August 24, 2013

To the Moon From a Staunch Admirer

Here I stand
The moon's
Staunch admirer   
As a passing cloud 
Transmutes your glory
Only moments passed full

It seems as if there’s
Secret knowledge 
Passing between us
Or is it just a note of sadness
As we head into the last
Lap before autumn
You’re truly less orotund
But ever more diaphanous 
With a nimbus extravagantly
Proportioned on a misty night
Such as this

Suddenly the gravamen
Of the complaint
Is not quite as expected
A slice has gone missing
For all to plainly see
It’s a figure and ground thing
And where it's trending
Is the opposite of plenty
You might even say

And yet
There’s promise too
Of harvest moons to come 
Harvest approaching soon
As one howl begets another
It’s the nature
Of moon 
Overleaping the bounds
Of things merely sub-lunar
Dover Beach included
Transporting us onward
And upward
In affirmation
With the coyotes
Because the loss of faith
Is no big deal really
Compared to the gist
That persists down
Through the eons
From one follower to the next
Breath succeeded by caesura
Each of us howling
Our verses in turn