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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sailing to Chimerica

with a hat tip to Niall Ferguson whose politics I will continue to abhor even if I must concede admiration for his talent as a wordsmith

If it pleases a poet
He may sit and count
The pedi-cabs passing
Outside his Chelsea abode
As a measure of time’s

And today he’d likely
Find their number
Exceeds what he’d
Encounter outside 
His hotel room
In Guanzhou
If he should
Happen to be there
For business or pleasure
Disposed to count them
Passing there as well 

And the same
Is true of Rolex watches
I might add
Only the other
Way around

Not so much
Never the twain
Shall meet
As East
Has come to West
And likewise in return

So many things
Have been reversed
In the span of just
Thirty year’s time
It's no country for men
Young or old
Unless they have both mind and will
To embrace such dizzying change