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Thursday, April 20, 2023

Spring Never Gets Old

Spring never gets old
As we do
Now that I celebrate its lyric 

With a limp all my own

It’s better than ever

More perennials than ever

To adorn my front lawn

If April makes such
Great showing who needs
May or June
Each moment of Spring
So full of promise
Is a lifetime entire
Complete unto itself

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Life is All About Triangles

for my brother Hank

There’s one big difference
Between me and my brother

Whereas he has a prodigious memory

And has learned by heart 

To recite pi to 

More than 3,000 digits

I can barely remember

What year it is sometimes

Yet still I manage

To comfort myself thinking

Who needs pi really

Life is all about triangles

For most of us humans

Knowing how to progress

From here to there 

By making comparisons

Like me and my brother

All day long in disregard

Of the need for absolutes

Who needs one or the other 

When you can be both in turn