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Saturday, May 26, 2012

No End to the Chatter

My new publicist began
Just yesterday
By prodding me
To become active
On social media

So I logged onto Twitter
For the first time
And noticed their slogan
Follow more people
To make Twitter
Even better
Which is such
A self-serving idea
Like me claiming
Only by reading
More of my poems
Will you see they are
So well written

So Self seems to be
A self-replicating meme
And Twitter is its prime
Exponent followed
By Facebook as a distant

When all us incessant
Narcissists get together
The network effect remains tenuous
At best but there is certainly
No end to the chatter

A tweet to end tweets or
Much more likely it seems
This world shall not end
With fire or flood
But with the endless dribble
Of 144 character streams

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