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Friday, July 22, 2016

Abundance in the Everyday (T'ao Yuan-ming)

I made the mistake of staying up last night to watch part of Trump's acceptance speech.  It agitated me tremendously and made it difficult to fall asleep, just imagining four years of this bombast about making America great.  To cleanse my spirit and set things straight this morning I decided to translate another short poem by T'ao Yuan-ming - these calming words being the best antidote I could imagine for all the countless hours of bilious rhetoric.

Oh from early years
Down to the present day
I pursued a plain
And humble way
As years flowed by  
Industry did little
To improve my lot
My ambition became simply   
To retain what I’d already gotten
Content with abundance in the everyday
Though in truth my heart remains prone
To distress and inner craving



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