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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Poem For Dan on the Occasion of his 21st Birthday

By whatever means
Of extra fashizzle
Or alignment of the stars
When you were begotten
Somehow it gave rise to
The extra enlargement
Of your beating heart
Endowing you with
A massive capacity both
To give and receive love

Which admittedly
Is a mixed blessing
(but a blessing still)
In a perilous world
Constantly pumping and
Putting you at risk of bleeding
Whether needful or not
No one else can ever say

But now that you have
Attained your majority
Please indulge me in
A bit more fatherly advice
Which is that from
Such great cardio capacity
Eventually great sagacity
Also will come

Because over life’s course
The heart becomes
Ever more reliable
As both faculty and guide
Capable of reading any situation
Involving man woman or child
Or any creature from land or sea
For that matter
It’s the only character
You ever need to know
In making the most
Difficult idiom in
A foreign tongue
Your own
So live large
And let it beat wisely!

Much love ...  Dad

*  *  *  *  *  *

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