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Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Short Poem on the Passage of Time

This poem is with thanks to  who earlier today posted a great photograph by Eva  Besnyö to his Twitter feed.  I don't recall ever seeing the photo before.  But then again it looked remarkably familiar.  I looked at it long enough and began to think I could see the woman in the photograph breathing.  This struck me as extraordinary and I felt inspired to write the following poem. I've also taken the liberty of posting the photograph below (with many thanks to Eva and Nicole ... (and Genie)). 

In the mid-ground stands
The Salon de Vries and
In the background there’s
A church with a couple of trees
Perhaps along the Rue Montparnasse
While Eva Besnyo’s friend
(I wonder is it Nicole Dumont?)
Stretches out for a nap
With a studio cat by her side
Looking outside
She breathes out
She breathes in
You can almost
See her diaphragm
And more time will
Elapse in the moment
Necessary to take in a single
Great photograph than a woman
Can otherwise imagine
Is possible just by
Closing her eyes
And breathing deeply
From then to now
Time traveling by means
Of a short afternoon nap
With me and the studio cat
Right by her side

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