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Monday, October 24, 2016

For Marissa

Today is my beloved wife's birthday.  On Saturday night we celebrated with family and friends.  Our party culminated with a bonfire in our newly installed firepit in the backyard.  Here is a poem I wrote but didn't have a chance to read on the occasion.

Love alone has 
Never ruled the world
But tonight it seems
Ever more preponderant
Triumphant in a single glance
Of your face in the firelight
Luminous and inspiring
So poetry begins and ends
Bracketing a decade
Of conjunctive bliss
With the simple truth
Of our bond forged
In love's flame
Mere words as
Our separate
Life strands 
Are forever
Annealed as one

Ten years ago - on Marissa's last milestone birthday - I also wrote her a poem (which you can read here).  That was one of the first complete poems I wrote.  This one feels like it may be the last, at least for now.  In the ten year interval I've had a chance to write more than 500 poems, most of which you can read here on my blog.  The truth of the matter is that without the example and inspiration of Marissa's artistry I likely never would have tried my hand at writing poetry, so it seems only appropriate, however belatedly, to dedicate this collection, as it begins and ends, with all my love for her.

This photo is a birthday selfie Marissa took in her studio.  As she explains it: "I took this selfie , sans makeup, to show what 60 looks like, and what I am thinking about these days. Not to get compliments on how well or badly I look, just to put it out there, as a statement saying I will not hide what I look like or what I do because of my age."  More and more I realize that an essential part of the artist's gift is to be able see and present beauty without adornment or disguise.

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  1. A poem as beautiful and loving as the woman it is dedicated to. Heather