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Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Gentle Nudge on the Journey

In truth nothing so much tests the limits of ego transcendence as an approach to my life as self-publishing another book. That’s very much the position I find myself in today, with just a week to go in the campaign to publish my all verse translation of The Adventures of Monkey King.  In the last three weeks I’ve managed to sell less than 20 copies – by far the worst performance for the first edition of any of my previously self-published books.

And yet I’m pleased to say these dismal sales receipts bother me far less than ever before.  Finally it appears I’m acquiring a much thicker skin, allowing me to present myself to the world more or less indifferent to the way the world sees me.  This is no small accomplishment – perhaps the best measure of my success (or failure) over the last fifteen years of writing.  And just in the nick of time too, because apparently I’m more in need of a thick skin now than at any time before.   An ultra-thick monkey hide to go along with my highly developed monkey mind!

But one more thing I have come to realize – being all but indifferent to failure doesn’t mean I should cease trying to find new readers. 

So much for the elaborate windup, now ladies and gentlemen, here comes the pitch! 

There’s just one more week remaining in my Indiegogo campaign.  If you join the ranks of my sponsors for just $35 you’ll receive a copy of the first edition printing – each copy will include a personalized inscription from the translator – that’s me!  Click here to order your copy now.

Did I mention that this book is about the journey to enlightenment?  Let me be clear that I do not guarantee that everyone who reads this book will become enlightened, at least not on the spot.  That would be reckless and actionable.  But I do guarantee that reading Monkey King’s adventures will make you laugh and cry out loud in delight, upon better understanding the intricacies of monkey mind; and very likely you will end up a good bit further down the path to enlightenment than you are right now.  And all that for $35 plus postage and handling.  How many of you are in a position to be cavalier about an offer like that?

Click here to support my Indiegogo campaign and begin to get a better grip on your own monkey mind …

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