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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Amidst the Ongoing Search for a Purer Lampoetry (in tribute to Walt Whitman)

For us post-
Post-modern poets
It’s no longer
Under the boot-soles
That we send our readers
Scurrying to look 

Oh no
We have a much
Better conceit than that
For what’s universal and
Utterly free
At least for
Anyone with
A high speed
Internet connection

Much better
If you just try searching
For Lampoetry
On Google or Yahoo
If you want to hear
My yawp transmitted
Via http packets
Over the rooftops
Of the world
And then some

Effusing myself
In the same jags
And eddies
I hereby bequeath my
Collected works
To the universe at large
In the belief that
U.S. copyright law serves
No purpose at all
Other than to
Keep us apart

So failing to find me
With one search term
Please try another
And another
Mistaking me first for
Marc Kelly Smith
Or Peggy Lam 
It matters not in the least
For if you look 
Long enough online
Amidst all the porno
Unending tweets  
And other clutter
Behold at last
There you'll find me
In the poetry section
Of the Internet
Just as well
Thanks very much

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