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Monday, August 13, 2012

For Marissa (by way of reply to William Butler Yeats)

There came a day
None too close
To September
When the crows had
Reappeared in greater number
Around the bird feeder
And the humidity dropped
Sharply from the swift approach
Of a cold front

And you and I made love
In the afternoon
In the shallows
The particulars
Of which don’t happen
To matter that much  

But for the amazing
Way we both sensed
We were standing near
The very navel of the universe
As we attended to that most
Essential part of our daily routine
And the Lebanese mosaic
Swirled about beneath us
As did time itself
And we clutched each other
Knowing the center likely would
Hold a little bit longer with
The very strong force
Of our centripetal embrace

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