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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Rambling Man

What’s the point of recording
The barely coherent ramblings
Of an eighty seven year old man
Some of my blog readers must think
I'm insane from time to time

To which I would like to reply
We all do ramble sometimes
Richard a bit more than most perhaps
But the fact is
I love the old man
I really do

He reminds me
Of so many others
Being a representative
Or stand-in for those
Long since departed
Including my own old man
And he’s also pretty remarkable
In his own right
As Michel and I hope
You’ll take a few minutes
To see for yourself

In fact he’s Zelig-like
And sometimes looks
Like Woody Allen
When he smiles wryly
And cocks his head to the side
Or taps his cigar like Groucho
As he asks a passerby
Do you like to rumba?
Well then pick a rumba 
From one to ten

* * * * * * * *

If you are interested in learning more about Richard, please visit the blog I have started about my current writing project - a biographical poem I'm writing (in collaboration with my friend Michel Delsol) about an 87 year old man called the Life and Times of Richard Musto.

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