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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve - Slack tide at the Market

Christmas has come again
To Long Island's East End
The lines at the market
Are spilling over with cheer
Through the saccharine sounds
Of the Yuletide carolers
A yogurt and sour cream comes
Directly from Santa to me
Every day is a gift or
So I've come to believe

It's been another year of living
Scot free in this intertidal zone
The royalty checks have yet
To start clearing but still
There's no rollers breaking
From here to the Inlet
And from there on out
Past the final buoy there's
Not a ripple to be seen

On a day like this
When it gets so slack
You can hear the long
Withdrawing roar of ebb tide
Even standing here
Way up the Creek bed while
Thinking about Dover Beach
High and dry and waiting
On the check out line

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