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Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Radical Break with the Past

This blog post marks a radical break with the past, a distinct rupture, the coming of a new era.  Those of you who are at least occasional readers of this blog may remember that I ended my last blog post with the announcement that it was the last poem of the Lampoetry collection.  That is what I said then and I meant it.  That doesn't mean, however, it was intended to be the last poem I was ever going to write.  Life goes on.  And today while standing in the check out line at the supermarket I had the occasion to write this new poem in between bagging my stuff and receiving change from the cashier.

So this poem represents the beginning of a new book - a whole new volume with an entirely different theme.  And the fact that this poem makes its first appearance here on the Lampoetry blog - well that is just an accident of history.  Because this poem is really something of a holdover tenant who doesn't belong as part of the Lampoetry domain.  Some day soon I intend to set up a new website for this new writing project which as of yet is still only half formed in my brain.

When reality turns
It can be hard and fast
One day you're dead broke
And then Friday next week
You're grand-uncle passes
Bringing in a windfall
And no it's not just
About the money
But in wartime too
It can be boring as hell
And then suddenly
Your head snaps back
With a concussive impact
And you stand up all wobbly
With an entirely changed
Point of view

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