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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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Many thanks to Susan Saunders who hosted us for a wonderful week in Nova Scotia where this poem was written.  What inspired it was an apple tree growing in the middle of the backyard just outside our bedroom window. Now it turns out that apple trees grow all over Nova Scotia, literally with abandon and seemingly receiving little or no care, certainly without the benefit (or detriment) of any sprays, organic or otherwise, yet these trees from older root stocks nonetheless bear hearty and delicious fruit, showing no evidence of bugs or blight. How remarkable is that?

Late one afternoon
Just before sunset
We partook of the fruits
From the Tree of Life
In the bedroom overlooking
The apple tree in the backyard
Present prescient and reminiscent
 Became one and the same time
So all knowledge begins locally
Grows situationally and expands
Through further experience
As the entire cosmos
Comes into view
Starting from
A single bite

photo by Susan Saunders

As common a site as apple trees are in Nova Scotia, the one in our backyard was particularly comely, as you can see for yourself from Susan's great photo.  I had a chance to write a few more poems up there (including this one) which I will try to get around to posting in the next few days.

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