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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Gan Yu - 1 (by Chen Z'iang) - a poem in celebration of the new moon and rebirth

According to astrologers yesterday's new moon ushered in a whole new energy that is sure to give us a much needed creative boost - it is likely to energize us, heart and soul, in the entirety.  So to celebrate this important shift towards the creative end of our life's spectrum (as I am getting ready to publish my new book!), here's the first poem in the Gan Yu cycle by the great Daoist poet Chen Z'iang, which dates from the first half of the 7th Century. 

Gan Yu - 1

The moon declines
Into the western sea
To be reborn anew

The sun’s journey
Has almost begun
Soon to be ascendant

Bright radiance
Fills the East
The sky bursting

Yet cloudy is the soul
At the moment of dawn

So the Ultimate gives birth
To Heaven and Earth

The three realms
Each in its turn
Waxing and waning

Until arriving
At the essence
Of full understanding

Three realms five times
Who is capable
Of taking such a journey

感遇 其一


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