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Friday, October 2, 2015

The Curtain Call

Loolu our cocker spaniel died yesterday after 15 years and 5 months as a stalwart member of the family.  It was a miserable rainy afternoon as Marissa and I laid her to rest in the backyard, in a sheltered corner between the lilacs and the hibiscus.  We will miss her dearly.  She helped raise both our sons, shared lox with us every Sunday morning, was our companion on countless walks around the block and watched over us all and guarded our sleep.   Now it's time for us to return the many favors she bestowed upon us.

* * * * 

For Loolu I’m grieving
Tonight as she’s laying 
For the first time underneath
A few dozen shovelfuls
Of sodden earth
Wrapped in a sheet
That once adorned
The boys’ twin beds
A dog biscuit tossed
Into her open grave 
At the last moment
Only a few inches from
Her tender snout should
Keep her rooting about
At least half way
To eternity

After the first death
There is no other
As the famous poet
Once said refusing to mourn
But really I must take issue
Death is unrelenting
In its assault
It’s everywhere
Around us from
The mouse
In the glue trap
To Grandpa Pete
In his soiled sheets
Soon enough it
Will run the table
And break the house

We are all
The living heirs
Of death
Justly or not
We come into
Our inheritance
A moment too late
And now there’s nothing
To be done about it
Except to say goodnight
Sweet Loolu

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