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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Poem About My Addiction

Didn't you post a picture
Earlier today showing Narcissus
Looking into the pool of
The Facebook home page
And if so how come I can’t  
Find it now on your timeline?

Social media can be
Just as addictive
As crack cocaine
Whether you get hooked
To a thumbs up or connections
Or the number of rementions
This is not a problem much
Discussed in the social realm
(for reasons I guess there’s  
no need to explain)

But no matter how pressing
And widespread a problem
This may already be
The social networks
Are more than happy to
Continue underwriting
The cost of our addiction
As long as it remains payable
In a currency of their coinage

And so the ancient symbol
Ouroboros has come to aptly portray
Our modern day self love affair 
As our consciousness has been 
Seduced into swallowing its tail

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