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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ode to the Joy of Living in the Multiverse

History sometimes
Neither rhymes
Nor repeats itself;
It simply skips a beat
Or jumps from one frame
To the next

And it’s up to us
To master the timing
So we're prepared for
A series of acrobatic leaps    
Back and forth
Along the drala

Agile and quick enough
We navigate merrily
Among the adjacencies -- 
Of what karma begets
And forgets amidst
This plenitude
Of suchness --
Each offering up
Its own rendition
Of a present tense

Every moment 
We journey upstream or 
Sideways like a crustacean
Moving by fractal advance
Across multiple fronts
Still comforting ourselves
With the conventional
Wisdom that our destiny
Is singular and not diverse

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