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Saturday, August 8, 2015

An Excerpt from a Work in Progress

I wrote the following poem in the course of working on my new book - another work of non-fiction, but this time the book as a whole will not be in poetic form.  In any case, the book's first section is devoted to a discussion of Daoism and that's how I came to write the following poem. 

Ode to the Dao

Striving to be secure
Only exposes you further
So the latest tech in turn
Attracts the latest hacks
All of which by the Dao  
Can be fully foreseen

Everything brings
Its opposite to fruition
Contrasts propel and 
Propagate the entire
Realm of 10,000 things

Teaching us that
All such distinctions
Lovely as they may be
Are trivial in the grand scheme 
Like a peacock’s plumage

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