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Monday, August 17, 2015

Flower From a Stranger

A rose destined to continue opening
No matter what you do or say
A Buddha Flower of the first degree
A power that keeps on giving
It’s hard to express this better
Either in petals or the flesh
Perfection in a vase before your eyes
For all the world to plainly see
There's nothing more curative
Than the flower's pure gratuity

The backstory to this poem is interesting.  My wife was walking down 28th street the other day and approached a man (who looked kind of scruffy) standing on the corner and he handed her a perfect rose and explained that something lucky had just happened to him.  So this rose represents the most gratuitous of generous acts and that's why it looks like perfection itself fit snugly into a vase.

Post script:  And then a few days later Marissa sent me another photo.

Opening further 
Until Time holds sway 
Perfect or not 
Flowers all end 
The same way
On the vine
Or in the vase
Brittle in decay  

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