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Thursday, December 21, 2023

In a Thatched Hut Dreaming of an Immortal

 Here's another painting and poem from the Ming artist Tang Yin.  First the poem.

In a Thatched Hut
Dreaming of an Immortal
In repose head resting
Atop a book fast asleep
I dreamed I fell into a large pot
Where the sky stretched above
As if from the void there came
A strange but familiar spirit
 To impart the secret truth  
 Directly in the flesh


And here is the painting or more precisely a close up of the middle section of a longer scroll.  In this middle section you can see the dreamer in the thatched hut to the right and a Daoist Immortal approaching out of the void.

Here's the full scroll.

This scroll painted by Tang Yin in the early 1500s for his friend Wang Dongyuan somehow ended up in the collection of the Smithsonian.  It depicts Wang's dream of being approached by an Immortal while he slept in a thatched hut in his garden. 

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