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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

A Drawing of Pine and Bamboo (by Tang Yin)

 Drawing of Pine and Bamboo


Tang Yin


A brief banquet seated

With birdsong for musical score

I could inscribe my whole life

This way from my heart’s core


Yes, my whole life  

Could surely pass this way

With pine and bamboo together

In simple harmony









I wonder if this a poem about making or looking at a piece of art.  Remember that Tang Yin was both a poet and a painter and as a result many of his poems were inscribed in his own hand directly alongside one of his paintings. In either case, I wish I could find the image that inspired this poem, but all I could find with my online searching was this drawing of pine and bamboo made at a much later date, I believe, but nonetheless showing pine and bamboo in harmony.


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