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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Spring Sleep (by Meng Hao Ran)

From spring sleep
I awake before dawn
To a world filled
With birdsong

A stormy night
Wind and rain I recall
But of ten thousand blossoms
I wonder how many have fallen



A very simple poem, a nursery rhyme really, written by Meng Hao Ran in the 8th century.  It's still one of the first poems recited by young Chinese students when they are learning to read.  Yet I can't think of any poem that better captures the wonder of spring awakening.

This morning brings an additional bounty.  It's April 16th and my taxes are paid for the year.  Soon Passover matzoh and Easter peeps will appear.  I thought peak magnolia season had already come and gone, but this morning I woke to discover that our magnolia tree has reached a previously unimaginable and even fuller state of bloom, with yet more blossoms open on the bough and even more petals strewn across the lawn.  How much longer can this go on?  I pinch myself because truly sometimes I wonder if I might not still be dreaming ....

photo by Marissa Bridge

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