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Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Dream of Jacob's Ladder

And then the angel of presence
Uriel through a loophole
Fell to the lower bounds
Where long she dwelled
All feeling and no thought
Flowed through her veins
But when her lips parted
She decanted pure
Honeyed truth
And nothing else
As distilled silence
Covered the world
Completely like a fresh
Fallen blanket of snow

But it was Jacob
Who couldn’t leave
Well enough alone
Bothered by all the silence
He trampled on it
Proclaiming loudly
I am the firstborn
Of every creature which God
Has ever endowed with life
Truly the only chosen one
A man seeing God is far better
Than merely abiding
Sightless in the presence

Henceforth unceasing controversy
Eventually did come
Perpetual clamor and strife
As they wrestled
All night long and in truth
Nobody ever really won
And soon they altogether
Forgot about the ladder
On which they had been standing
One rung after another had unbecome
Until the dream itself was undone

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