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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Poem for the Anthropocene

There's good news
And bad news and
Sometimes it seems
They are one and the same

As Shakespeare once said
You can always take
Comfort not yet being dead  
But it's the same whirlwind
That keeps reappearing
Ominously overhead

Peak ignorance
Peak bliss
Is a Vaudeville routine
And the cognitive dissonance
Doesn't ever get
Any better than this
Present convergence
Of knowing and not
It's like being kept on hold
Endlessly by customer service 
Unsure whether the outage is local
Or civilization is that much
Closer to total collapse

Like a solar collector on a cloudy day
We all have lots of excess capacity
Just waiting around for
Sunnier days up ahead
But we'll never really 
Generate much positive energy
If the doom loop keeps playing
Inside our head

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