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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Seasons Turning (by Tao Yuan Ming)

After a few days of chill drenching rain, today brought a fresh new front of clear warming air.  No doubt I'm skipping too far ahead but I found it hard on my morning walk not to entertain the first hint of spring, and the robins perched high in the tree tops seemed to sense it too, as they faced to the east, and bathed in the morning's warming sunlight.  In that frame of mind, upon returning to my desk, it was hard to resist the temptation of seizing the moment to translate a first poem of spring, in the hope of spurring the seasons along in their turning.  This is the first part of a four stanza poem by Tao Yuan Ming and I will try to post the rest of it later this week, assuming the weather continues to cooperate.

Step by step
The seasons turn
In solemn procession
Like a noble head of state
Now comes the garb of spring
What meager words I possess
To describe these eastern regions
The hillsides bathed
In a clinging mist
The heavens obscured
By a lowering sky
But a gentle southern breeze
Brings promise of new growth
Straight ahead





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