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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Lucky 18

For Marissa on double ten day

I was nothing without you
With you there's only Nothing
That remains just out of reach
As the moon moves the sea
So you move within me
Twice daily at least
Rising and falling
With the rhythm that
Supports my every breath

I wrote this poem in the supermarket this morning as I was picking out an assortment of flowers to give Marissa (along with this poem) to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary.  It is not exactly a high point for us financially but we certainly feel blessed in countless ways.  This poem was jotted down in the supermarket aisle and it is meant to be read and understood the same way - in the spirit of Neruda's Love Sonnets - emphatically blurted out, much the same as I did eighteen years ago to the day.

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