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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Poem for a Facebook Friend

It was poem enough
Of roughed up sort
When first spoken in
Unpolished terms
To my FB friend
Jacek Dziubinski

Getting off the train
Is the first and most
Important thing
Any of us can do
Grasping at metaphor
Proves to be the key
Of every sound translation

Whenever we contemplate
Space-time travel
Whether by cloud soaring
Or otherwise
Soon enough it is not 
So much poetry as clarity that counts  
Most in not leading us astray but
Towards deeper understanding

I don't mean to brag or boast
There’s so much help each of us needs
To complete our appointed tasks
But where do you think
It’s most likely
To come from

Not from some college
Of cardinals or birds
Of whatever dharma
Who happen to flock together
Nor from the ivied campus of Harvard or Yale
No matter what language you choose
My friends it’s much more likely
You’ll reach some reasonable
Level of comprehension
Of whatever poem or holy scripture
You happen to be grappling with if you
Do it entirely by your own surmise
(like some later day Martin Luther
stuck in a bathroom stall)
Along with considerable help from
Wikipedia and Google Translator 
Making it that much more
Of a congenial spot
To mark the beginning
Of any truth revealed

So now there's no excuse
And hopefully you too
Will soon get started
Building the itinerary for
Your own westward Journey

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