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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Afternoon Meditation in the Backyard

To be aware
Of life beyond the self
Mind stretches as far as it can
The way a cat yawns 
On a summer's afternoon
And then licks its paws
Surveying the back yard
Terrain all the while
The neighbor's radio blares
Peace and heavy metal intermixed
Come drifting slowly as 
The alto stratus layer disperses
To the four corners of the earth
Each layer of reality's onion
Has its own distinctive smell 
As well as color and sound

* * * * *

Photo by Marissa Bridge

We spent the weekend on the road and came home late this afternoon just in time to enjoy the clouds stretching out to the horizon in the backyard. Marissa and I sat and sipped a glass of wine together and then when she went upstairs to get a sweater I had a chance to write this poem.

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