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Monday, July 27, 2015

Me and Not I

Me and Not I
We’re not exactly strangers
As close as we get sometimes
It’s hard to forget or explain
Or completely let go
The best I can get to is No-mind
Which is exactly what
I’ve come to expect
Me and Not I
We’re careful to pay
Each other No-mind

Me and Not I
It’s hard to take sometimes
Almost enough to drive me
Out of my mind
The good with the bad of it
And the worst of it yet
It’s what I’ve come to expect
As one Nen leads to another
And we start rushing up for air
Right after hitting bottom

Make me into something
That no one else
Will recognize
A new zip code and
A new shoe size
Me and Not I
Me and Not I
Between the two of us I'm unsure
Where things stand – Not me and I
Wherever we go
A membrane keeps us apart
We’re always so close
But short of being one
At least not yet
Not Me and I

Hilma af Klint

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