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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Blue Flower (an exchange with Fleur_du_silence)

Recently I've been experimenting by trying to write a poem through a series of tweets exchanged with another poet.  This poem is the result of just such an exchange with another poet I know only as Fleur_du_silence.  I've taken a few subsequent liberties with the text.  It seems we both share a fascination with the image of the Blue Flower.

There’s a full life story
Inscribed on each petal
Of the blue flower
A frail dream that remains open
No longer than a moment or two
But in that tenuous span of breath  
Filled with nothing but blueness
It composes a verse complete
That quivers in a tenebrous light

And here's the photo that Fleur du silence posted on Twitter that served as the prompt for this composition:

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