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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

And then I had another idea about how to compose a poem

Are you of the party of the first part or are you of the party of the three legged dogs?

A sight whose truth proves 
The disposition of Time 
In its passing aspect
Prolonged perhaps just like
A series of tweets

No more or less open
To all the other possible
Outcomes -- at least half a dozen
or so others so I'm told -- 
More than you're ever
Likely to be privy to

As if we can fathom
More than a small fraction
Of the thirty thousand
Moments of Suchness as fall  
Into a single moment's passing
Or half again as many of
The possibilities it takes 
To fill up even half the seats
In Albert Hall

So I have finally done it -- I've just come up with the idea for a new sub-genre of Lampoetry.  It's the practice of composing a poem starting out by writing a series of tweets. Thus the tweet really serves as a medium of expression and not as an end in itself.  Only after combining the tweets, and then reworking them in the hope of making a slightly more extended work - one that hopefully will prove a bit more long lasting than the nanosecond or two allotted to  the typical tweet -- voila! we have a freshly minted poem.

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