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Monday, February 16, 2015

Weesuck Creek Through the Eyes of a Snowman

A For Sale sign
Swings with abandon
From the arctic blast
That sweeps down
Our block as
Once again
I find myself
Tramping out to
The mouth of the Creek

There I stand more exposed
But find the sky
Rapidly inflating
Overhead revealing the majesty  
Of those first starry beacons
Venus shimmering in the west
While Jupiter ascends  
In the East -- whatever
Such a planetary standoff
Can possibly
Mean to me

At the base of the dock
I’m truly nonplussed
To see these ghostly footprints
Standing in stark relief
Against the pier’s blacktop
Steps clearly leading
Directly to the water’s edge
Then suddenly disappearing
As if some lonely
Snowy wanderer
Had decided to leap

When I realize
What I’m looking
At is an eerie
Negative impression
Of my walk last night
For these ghostly prints  
Merely trace my own steps
Out along the pier
Through yesterday’s storm
My progress thus having
Been made visible
In the trail of twice
Compacted snow
Which alone remained
On the windswept dock

So the first nen
Comes round to see
What the others
Have wrought
But more deeply attuned
To the ultimate truth
Evident in the negative
Aspect made visible
By wind and time
Of the no-self 
As it has been revealed
To the self’s icy stare

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