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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Poem for Marissa written on the bus

Today is Allan's birthday
I've been thinking 
about him a lot
Even as I stopped to buy flowers
From Tyrone on the corner of West 28th
In the midst of rushing to catch the bus
I was struck by the apt beauty of this bouquet 
Of roses -- lavender and white and 
Adorned with a spray of red carnations
That's sitting beside me

Do you realize Valentines' Day 
Is poised equidistant with 
The Day of the Dead 
-- at least from the solstices' point of view
So I've been prone to visions intermixed 

Of love  and death in their ferocious embrace
With a heart that is straining in the grip
Just as the bus ' engine

Is straining in the HOV Lane
As we're racing ahead
Approaching terminal velocity
Of so it feels to me now

Heaven help us all
Sisters and brothers

With much love - J

(Poem written in lieu of a valentine card to my wife)

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