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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My New Marketing Plan (2014 edition)

Every January I like to write up my marketing plan for the coming year, in the form of a poem of course, like a sonnet or villanelle, only shorter and for an expressly crass and commercial purpose, which is to say, here is the kernel for my new strategy as to how I'm going to better convert my prosody into cold hard cash....

My New Marketing Plan - 2014

A magazine is
Nothing more or less
Than an app
However strange
Or inapt a thing
That may seem to be
For me to say

But that's all part
Of my new
Marketing scheme
For 2014 which is
Already shaping up to be
An incredible year
Through an auspicious
Alignment of things
In the moment with
The stars that govern
Our long-term strategy

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