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Friday, January 24, 2014

A Poem for Jeremy England

First a word of explanation.  This morning while reading my daily blogs I came across a news story with a portentous headline -- A New Physics Theory of Life.   I clicked and to my delight came across something truly worth reading.  Jeremy England is a young man at MIT who has come up with a very plausible explanation for why life came into being in the first place.  That's right - not just the how but the why of it!  And it actually is quite intelligible even for someone like me with very little scientific training.  It's really worth reading the article if you're not already familiar with England's basic idea.

And once you read the article (and maybe even before) perhaps you'll enjoy this poem I wrote today as my own take on this noteworthy theoretical breakthrough.

Poem for Jeremy England

We are all
Energy dissipates
Or so it's proposed 
By England's new theorem
As every single living thing
Resonates to a
Common frequency

Being so dissipate myself
Of energy or otherwise
I've long sensed
This was true 
If not in accordance
With Newtonian formula
Then certainly as foretold
By William Blake
Conscious or not
It's the same wavelength
To which we are attuned

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