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Monday, February 11, 2013

Towards A More Footloose Practice - II

Here's a revised version of the poem about Richard Musto's daily practice on the streets of Manhattan.

Towards A More Footloose Practice – II

When Buddhist friends
Speak of this or that
As being part
Of their daily practice
I’m never quite sure
What they mean

But I believe
Richard Musto’s
Daily practice
Consists precisely of this --
Keeping things footloose
And fancy free
To the ultimate degree

It’s the mantra
He lives by
While traipsing
Through the city streets
And the very words
He taped to his boots
When we met
The other day
In Midtown
For Richard
Working the streets is 
Both means and end in itself
Whether panhandling or selling
Flowers on the corner 
It’s change that he seeks
And the freedom
That comes with it
But never the fixative
Of money

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