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Sunday, February 24, 2013

For My Classmates Busy Preparing for the 35th Reunion

It’s exceedingly nice
That having reached
The time in life
When the kids’ tuition
Should be well in hand
And the 401(k)
Fully funded
My college classmates
Never having been modest
In their expectations
Still intend to change
The world and enlarge
The endowment
More so than in
All previous years

Whereas I find
Myself overcome
By a contrary spirit
Of pessimism tonight
As I sit and watch
The late middle-aged man
At the condiment counter
Stuffing his pockets
With packets of ketchup
Preparatory to going home
To make himself soup
Change the world
Much as you like
But in America
It remains certain that
Age like poverty
Will soon enough render
Each of us objects
Of irritation and
Mild ridicule

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