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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Song Composed on the Point of A Sword, Imaginary or Otherwise

No matter that
The enormity of
The reckoning
May be in reverse ratio
To the room’s size
A point Ben Johnson learned
By his untimely demise
On the point of sword
So many years ago

Nonetheless we must
Remain open
To life’s most important
Signals wherever we happen
To be sitting
Upon receipt thereof
Be they ever so
Implausible and faint

Whether at a south-facing table
At the neighborhood Pret
Or home alone while at
Computer screen gazing
I find myself nursing one more
Late afternoon cup of coffee
Giving free reign
To the most outlandish
Fears and fancies

Staring at the sign
That says
Stamp; Print
I’m not sure
If I want this song
To continue
But I certainly know
I don’t want it to stop

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