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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ode to Chang'e

Tonight I woke to pee
And saw a shaft of light
From the almost full moon
As it trended westerly
Shearing across the treetops
And falling crisp as a spotlight
Centered directly
On the front lawn

But by the time
I stumbled downstairs
The front lawn was bare
And it was only out back
That I could bask in the glow
Of the moon's reflective glare

And there I stood in its midst
Awed by the utter clarity
Of the moonlight
As it descended
Across rooftops and treetops
Over the fingertips of cumulus clouds
That extended across the sky

The night itself glowed
Unlikely as the snowcap
Atop of Kilimanjaro
And I discerned
The very pathway
Leading directly
From my home
To yours

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