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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Poem for Mr. Apology

If everyone takes 
More than a little 
Whatever remains 
Must sustain 
Those left behind 
For Tahnee 
Among others 
Following in your footsteps 
While out for midnight 

Attention blue 
And white collar criminals 
Attention you cheats and frauds 
Attention sex workers 
And pleasure seekers 
Those with long drawn faces 
And with smirking smiles 
For ordinary people 
With extraordinary 
Secrets and regrets 
Locked in silence 
Most of the time 

Not to speak 
With mournful voice 
But seriously inclined 
While riddled with joy 
In celebration of the 
Perverse logic of  

Being one-half animal 
And the other half god 
We can and must 
Figure this out 
As best we can 
It could be far worse 
Much worse after all 
As we are inevitably 
Destined for decline

From bombs 
In the basement 
Well accomplished 
From first to last 
At every art he tried 
Of figure study in the studio 
With daylight shaft 
Piercing the interior 
On the farther South Side 
To know art 
Is to know being 
Both possible 
And palpable 
All of the time 

But for now 
Read these block letters 
As I know you can 
And rejoice in your 
Exalted position 
Atop the food chain 
And please try to think 
And begin to explain
Both about what you ate 
To get where you are 
And what’s eating you 

That’s right 
My beloveds 
Every last one 
Of the great unwashed 
Urban scum 
Just call Mr. Apology 
And let him help you 
Lay it out on the line

1 comment:

  1. I really like this Joe except for the last line which seemed too easy or a word (out?) too many? Not sure but read it twice and both reads caught me at the end with a little gasp. I even wondered if the last line could be left out altogether.