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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Dreaming of Li Bai (by Du FU)


All day long

Rows of clouds

Drift across the horizon

Wanderers who will never return


But for three nights now

You have appeared

In a dream so vivid

I could touch your flesh


Briefly you spoke

About your long hard journey

Crossing rivers and lakes

In a small fragile boat

Fearfully tossed

By wind and waves


While the capital teems

With the rich and powerful

And their lavish gear

There you stood in the doorway

Scratching your silvery head

A sign of life’s burdens

A lone and haggard man


No my friend

There’s not a single cloud

In the vast heavens

That could withstand

The rigors borne by

Your weary old frame


Surely you’ll enjoy

A thousand years

Or ten thousand years

Of the greatest fame

But still for now you’re destined

For a lonely and distant grave




夢李白 (之二)



















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