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Friday, May 19, 2023

Birthday Poem (now we are 66 and still love to walk along the beach)

Speak now in full froth
As we crest and come ashore
Before laying to rest where
We shall sleep forevermore 
So the waves whispered to me
This morning while I sipped
From my morning coffee 
Down by the beach

More and more nature's eloquence  
Seems to be wasted on me
Garbled on awakening 
With all her best words 
Evading my reach 

One is what one makes
Such is every poet's fate
No matter how the sheaves 
Happen to accumulate
Year after year 

Words cascade 
Along the mind's shoreline
And at best leave behind  
Little more consequent than
This sea-wrack of shells and pebbles
Strewn raggedly 
Across the high strand 
Monuments to impermanence 
Designed not to stand 
But to fall one and all

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