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Monday, October 4, 2021

Beyond All Poetry

I woke up this morning standing
In my neighbor's front yard
How I got there
I have no idea
But I was looking at my life
As my neighbor sees it
Stripped of the usual self-regard
And beyond all poetry

There was a barren ledge
Overlooking a vast plain
Already familiar to me
Having spent a long time there
Sitting attuned
To the rhythms
In the cycle of breath and
Listening to the long slow rattle
From the bottom of my chest
As if I was heaving up a bucket
From a deep dark well

But there are no metaphors
To explain where
I'm going next
The road sign ahead only 
Says sssshhhhhh!
An old man is sleeping 

Beyond poetry 
Is where I always intended to go
And finally I'm here

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