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Friday, September 3, 2021

I Slowed for Death

I slowed for Death
But he did not stop for me 
Today on the Expressway
Halfway to my destination 
I came upon the hulk of a car 
On the shoulder in flames   
Its paint blistering  
A black cloud billowing 
As it dispersed overhead

In the snarl of traffic
A sleek black sedan  
Had eased in behind me  
Its headlights flashing
Signaling me to uncertain end 
Death it seemed expected me
To pull over next

Soon as the roadway cleared
I sped away 
Pushing 75 then 80
Hoping to put some room
Between me and that black sedan   
Yet all the while it 
Stayed on my tail
Headlights flashing
And I felt my chest tighten
As I eyed the rearview

I slowed to 60 then 55
Unsure what to do next  
Until suddenly the sedan 
Veered into the passing lane
And the driver threw me
A sidelong glance
Graciously doffing his cap
Before speeding ahead 

Letting me know that surely  
We shall meet again some day
Towards my journey's end 

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