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Saturday, April 11, 2020

What it Means to Die in Early Spring

for Phil

It's early spring 
That brings us
This 2020 vision
Before the leaves unfurl
And the birds alone
Stand proud on the branch
That's when you passed

The marsh grass
Lay wan along the shoreline
Where we had tramped 
Together before
Last year's blades
Now sere and flattened
Reduced to stubble
Yet full of secret purpose
To blanket the tender
New shoots of grass

The north wind 
A choir at my back
Strong in its resolve
Sang of your passing
  Its voice lifted me up
Buoyant like your spirit
And carried me on

That's what it means
To die in early spring
Your last breathe trembles
With renewal's touch
Your complexion ashen
Yet clearly kindled 
With a Lenten blush

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